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Linda's 3Cs of Coaching:

Constructive - Build confidence & move forward step by step.

Confidential - Client information is kept private.

Convenient - Sessions are conducted by Phone or Skype.

A plan in the heart of man is like deep water, but a man of understanding draws it out.
- Proverbs 20:5



Package I – MAKE INSPIRED CHOICES COACHING - Discover and affirm what makes you uniquely you!  

  • Uncover your strengths, gifts, values and passions.  
  • Clarify the changes you want & create a clear vision for your future.  
  • Set goals; design strategy & actions to achieve goals.  
  • Identify potential obstacles & remedies to overcome obstacles.  
  • Be accountable for taking necessary action.  

Three coaching sessions per month; email & laser call support as needed.

Package II – SIX INSPIRED CHOICES COACHING - (For Women Only!) - A personal and powerful transformation journey for women dealing with major life changes and challenges. Includes Package I features and much more!!

Participants focus on one choice each month which results in their breaking negative patterns, while transforming their habits, beliefs, and actions toward the life they long for!!

Six Inspired Choices Program Snapshot:

  • Choice #1 - Embrace Your Unique Design
  • Choice #2 - End Limiting Beliefs; Replace with Empowering Beliefs
  • Choice #3 - Create Your Vision & Connecting to God’s Purposes
  • Choice #4 - Actions to Turn Your Vision into Reality
  • Choice #5 - Overcoming Obstacles
  • Choice #6 - Living Your Inspired Choices!

A.  Group signups: Two individual coaching sessions & one group session per month and a members-only online forum.
B.  Individual signups: Three individual coaching sessions per month, personalized assignments, weekly inspiration messages, ongoing email and laser call support as needed.

Hourly Sessions Are Available:  By request.  For those who have worked with a coach previously, or who want coaching on a specific goal. NOTE: If you are new to coaching, Packages I or II are the most cost effective way to experience all of the positive benefits of life coaching.



Six Steps To Self-Renewal - Women's Coaching Groups now underway!
(For women who are exhausted, very busy but not very fulfilled, who need time carved out to focus on their priorities and tools that lead to self renewal)

· Small groups 8-10 women each (live via webinars)
· Program includes a 1:1 session with Coach Linda
· Six weekly group coaching sessions
· Support and accountability of other participants
· Members-only online forum

Next Registration Period - opens Aug 1, 2017  

Fall groups begin:  Week of Aug 28th and Week of October 16th.

"MAKING INSPIRED CHOICES WITH COACH LINDA" RADIO BROADCAST.  Remember to tune in on the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays each month at 12 noon EST for Coach Linda's coaching tips & inspiring guest interviews!  It's a community where you can receive encouragement, uplift and insights to deal with life challenges.  Want broadcast reminders & guest information?  Email: [email protected]  Catch some replays of some of the popular past broadcasts at:

"LIVING INSPIRED CHOICES" WORKSHOPS"  Women are invited to experience coaching in half and full-day workshops in Northern VA & the Washington, DC metro area. Stay tuned for announcements on this website & via Coach Linda’s social media!!  

"DATES TO DINE & DREAM"  What could be more fun than a relaxed afternoon, having lunch with friends and thinking creatively about what you want in your future? DATES TO DINE & DREAM will be a time where Coach Linda helps you to uncover and consider your heart's deepest desires.  In this supportive atmosphere, women can also determine which dreams it's time to actually pursue with actions & timelines! These events promise to be good food, fun, & fellowship while planning for your brightest future!!