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Linda's 3Cs of Coaching:

Constructive - Build confidence & move forward step by step.

Confidential - Client information is kept private.

Convenient - Sessions are conducted by Phone or Skype.

A plan in the heart of man is like deep water, but a man of understanding draws it out.
- Proverbs 20:5


 What Coach Linda's Clients Are Saying....
Linda is a great coach. Not only she listened with heart, she has a healing voice like angel. Linda’s coaching approach is more than professional. She’s thoughtful, experienced and real. During our coaching sessions, she was able to dig into the heart of the issues instead of taking those face values. I truly appreciated the path she had been journeyed with me. Besides, she encouraged me to talk to my heart openly. As a coach myself, I would say to be able to trigger self-awareness is the most challenging but impactful part and Linda is professional on this.

Linda has razor-sharp questioning skills. With her help, I was able to find a balance in life and to recognize what I would do to improve. During my time with Linda, I needed to overcome a very big emotion turbulence. With her help, it became a wake-up call to some other aspects of my life which was truly amazing.  People say it only takes one person to change your life who is yourself. Yes, but walking alone could be lonely. It is much more achievable if you have Linda Stephen-Jones journeyed with you as your coach.

- Grace Siu, Hong Kong 


 Coach Linda provided a safe and warm atmosphere for me to share openly and honestly without fear of judgement.  She was encouraging, challenging, and kept me moving forward.  She helped me set manageable goals and kept me accountable to them.  She was my champion who listen well, provided wisdom and guidance, and even some fun laughs!  She’s an amazing coach and I would recommend her to anyone who is seeking to grow more into who God has created them to be.  

- Pam Haglund,  St Paul, MN


 Linda has been a God-send for me.  Learning about my inner self has increased my confidence and self esteem.  I could not have accomplished this on my own.  God sent her to me and has His hand on all of her wisdom and insight.  She sees things in me that I never noticed or thought existed.

- P. C. Bristow, VA


Linda has a very warm and accepting style to her coaching. She challenges your thinking to promote growth in her clients. Linda's coaching enabled me to get to the "who" of my issues, creating increased self-awareness. I have developed new perspectives on the way to move forward, both in my personal life and in my business. Thank you Linda for helping me to get the clarity I needed to move forward with my business with confidence.   

- C. Appleby, Sydney, Australia


My sessions with Coach Linda were a blessing. During the sessions she asked probing questions that helped me to organize my thoughts and develop a plan to start moving forward toward my goals. Each session was on point and concluded with a list of actionable items that I needed to complete to keep moving forward. Truly a blessing!

- J. L. Herndon, VA


Coaching has given me a venue to discuss my personal thoughts without shame, guilt or judgment.  Coaching has provided a safe place for me.  Coaching is helping me to move on with my life.  Coaching has made me feel I can move forward with life and I am here for a purpose.  Coaching has me curious about myself, and eager to run on and see what is next. Coaching has given me a new outlook on life that I would’ve never discovered.  

- C.W.  Woodbridge, VA


I felt extremely comfortable opening up with Coach Linda.  Something I haven’t been able to do in years with anyone. She made me feel like I could conquer the world just by helping me view what I was going through differently.  Coach Linda’s affirmations were life changing for me.  I would recommend Coach Linda to anyone who is in search of a Life Coach!!!!  Coach Linda you get FIVE stars from me.  I appreciate you!!! You actually changed my life for real.  I have started a new chapter in my life and it feels amazing!!!!

- G.C.  Cherry Hill, New Jersey 


Linda is inspirational, motivational, tough but very fair (she will hold you accountable), effective, action-oriented and leads by example!    

- BG Consulting Services, Fairfax Station, VA


At first I wasn't too sure about the whole process, but this helped me in so many different ways that words can't explain! I’ve been truly blessed since our coaching sessions!    

- J.B.  Columbus, GA


Linda and I were paired together as part of a partnership between a networking group I attend and an organization Linda is affiliated with. I was so thankful to be paired with a Christian life coach!   Linda offered sound, practical advice and encouragement not just for my job search but for me – the whole person. Linda is kind and authentic and I would recommend her to anyone who needs a life coach!  

- J.R.  Burke, VA