Hello & thanks for visiting my site! I will help you to clarify your needs and focus on making progress on the things that matter most to you. God gifted me to be an 'encourager' and I'm passionate about helping my clients to accomplish their goals & to begin living with more fulfillment! You can learn more about me below. I'd love to help you to reach your 2021 goals!!

MY MISSION: To encourage, empower & inspire women to live to their true potential!



As a Professional Coach…     

                                                        Over 7 years helping individuals & groups to succeed

Clients in 24 states & abroad      


Founder, Life Coaching LLC         

Past Trainer/Christian  Coach Institute


Member, Christian Coaches Network International                                                                                        Before Coaching…

30-year Federal Career: Senior Adviser, Military Family Support Programs (U.S. Air Force)

Director, Military Family  Programs U.S. & abroad 

Advocate for Victims of Domestic Violence

Social Worker & Life Skills Trainer                                                                         



 Individuals & Groups:

Corporate & Small Business Executives & Employees  who need new perspectives and approaches to further grow and sustain their roles in businesses & their lives;


Young Women (mid 20s-early30spondering multiple  decisions as they launch (or relaunch) their independent lives & careers; Needing a road map and support to move forward  with their goals;                                      

Women in Mid-Life late 40's-60s+ who feel 'stuck' or overwhelmed needing support & insights to deal with challenges of health, careers, aging, mindset, changes in relationships, care-giving, retirement, downsizing, etc., 




                                                               ICF Professional Certified Coach   (PCC)

 Certified Professional Life Coach   (CPLC)

 Certified Christian Life Coach   (CCLC)

Narrative Coach                              Core Practitioner

 Certified DISC Consultant

 Diploma in Biblical Studies 

 Master of Social Work (MSW)

Narrative Coach Core Practitioner Linda Stephens-Jones Life Coach
CPLC CCI Life Coaching with Linda Stephens-Jones

"I believe  most of us have a passion deep inside that can light up our lives and bring God glory!  The key is to uncover and live it!  Too many settle for less in life because they don’t know their true potential and haven’t had help to see what is possible for them!”  

                                                      Coach Linda