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"For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God     prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them."  Ephesians 2:10    

 Are you:

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Facing major challenges now without clear direction?

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      Greetings Friends!  As January scurries by, you may need a little more time and thought on 
      what you really want to focus on this year and how you want to move ahead.  It's
      understandable because many of us tried to have the kind of holidays we have in years past,
      with parties, gobs of shopping and traveling to visit family.  Well, we've had our two-week grace   
      period in 2023.  Now let's push and decide the elements that will make up our 2023 vision
      before this month ends.  That still leaves 11 months to bring our vision to reality!  

      Here are a few key steps: 
 1)  Think about what you want to feel, have and be by December 2023.     
          2)  Consider your health, home,  relationships, spiritual growth, career and finances. 
          3)  Identify what specifically what you want to change. (your goals)
          4)  When do you want to accomplish each goal? Set a deadline for each goal 
          5)  Create the specific steps you'll take and at what interval.
          6)  Monitor your progress regularly
; Celebrate hitting your milestones along on the way!  

      A simple example:  Savings goal
$4,400 by December 2023.  $400 per month = Transfer $100
      to savings every Fri for 11 months. 
   NOTE:  These steps work for any type of goal as long as you make goals specific & measurable.

   Believe you can, and you will reach your 2023 goals, let's go!!!

   Coach Linda


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